Nathalie is a content creator, see the photos below for product and brand photography examples.

Recent collaborations include: Nutella, Apartment Therapy, Marker's Mark, United By Blue, Airsteam, Earthwell, Verve Coffee Roasters, Tecnu Outdoor, The Grayl, Parks Project, and more!

MM interior clean 8x12

Subtle Marketing for Maker's Mark

Parks Project

Park's Project Shirt


Earthwell Bottle

Nutella Ad


Nat Rumpl blanket

Camping with Rumpl Blanket

Airstream light

Airstream Lights

Cobb grill

Grilling with Cobb Grill


United By Blue Shirt

KYLA Airstream

KYLA Kombucha in the Wild

Verve Pouring beans

Verve Coffee Roasters

Makers Mark Bottle

Maker's Mark Product Photo

KYLA 8x12

KYLA Kombucha by a Fire


Verve x Dripkit

Bra & Coffee 8x12

True & Co Bra

Tecnu Lou crop

Tecnu Product Shot

Sarah Swimsuit 8x12

Billabong Swimsuit

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