a little about us

We are Nathalie, Louis, and #parkertheadventurepup.


In June of 2017, we thought it would be a great idea to convert a 1969 Airstream Globetrotter into a tiny home on wheels. By August the renovation of this little 120 sq foot Airstream was mostly finished and we moved in, hitting the road a few weeks later.


We have traveled 35,000 miles in 2 years and plan to do another 10,000+ every year going forward.


Nathalie is originally from Norway, but spent most her life in Utah. Before road life she worked as a photographer, photo editor, and nanny, now she edits photos remotely. She enjoys photography, instagram-ing, kayaking, and when the chance comes, figure skating.


Louis is from Kansas City, Missouri. He lived in a 1965 Avion for 8 months before building the Airstream. He is a carpenter, with experience as a historic preservation carpenter. He enjoys riding his bicycles, motorcycling, and kayaking.


Parker is our 2 year old border collie. She is adventurous, playful, and a fetch-aholic.

Nat & Lou Airstream doorway small


A little more about our travels.

  • Number of miles driven: 43,921

  • States Visited in the Airstream: 21

  • Most miles driven up a dirt mountain road: 9

  • Unexpected place we loved: Michigan

  • Favorite small town: Silverton, Colorado


Nobody's perfect. Here are a few things we learned the hard way.

  • Always chock your wheels

    Even when you're trying to unhitch quickly so you can tow someone's van out of the sand.

  • Be careful where you store glass

    (Goodbye olive oil, cholula, and maple syrup)

  • Always walk a road before driving it

    You can only reverse so many miles before you go crazy.